Aguettant®: A Leader in Sterile Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS) Technology

Specializing in the manufacture of essential injectable drugs, Aguettant focuses on the development of medicines and infusion drugs that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients in hospitals and at home. With a priority focus on safety for the patient and healthcare professional in the therapeutic areas of emergency drugs, neurology, nutrition, and infusion solutions, Aguettant is a leading force in the hospital market. Aguettant has provided continuous innovation for over 100 years with the design of innovative and patented delivery systems that are ready to use for improved safety, speed and convenience.

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Design Innovations

Aguettant® holds 2 international patents for this new patented sterile polypropylene PFS. This PFS system was a 2010 Pharmapack award winner1 in the hospital safe use category.

The first patent (CA 2619892) refers to its patented stopper and barrel design. Due to the patented innovation of the syringe’s barrel, the stopper is sterilized by the steam passing the inner lips of the syringe stopper.

The second patent (CA 2637294) refers to its innovative tamper evident opening system which increases the stability, integrity and sterility of the syringe’s Luer lock connection under the protective cap. (Patent 2)

1. 2010 Pharmapack award,

system features

Patented syringe barrel and tip cap design allow terminal steam sterilization to provide 100% sterility of the PFS (internal and external) while inside the sealed blister pack.

system features

The plastic barrel of the syringe is injection molded. It has two channels to allow steam to push the stopperback sterilizing the wall. As it cools the stopper reverses direction, creating a perfect sterile barrier and steam sterilizing the barrel & plunger.

system features

The syringe is sealed by a frangible obturator (specially molded plug designed to break cleanly) which is injection molded with the syringe.It is covered by a protective cap covered with a plastic tamper evident seal.

system features

Dual Tamper Evident Closures provides peace of mind knowing that the medication is what it is supposed to be.

A simple twist of the cap breaks the frangible obturator cleanly and opens the tip exposing the male Luer Lock connector.

Simple twist to remove cap

“Biosyent is an authorized licensee of AGUETTANT SYSTEM® trademark, property of Laboratoire Aguettant.”

  1. 2010 Pharmapack award,

General Information

A technologically sophisticated product, the Aguettant System® is plastic, needleless, pre-filled and requires only two steps to prepare for use in patients. These features are designed to improve safety, save administration time and simplify use. Physicians and nurses alike are assured of the correct drug in the correct dose as the syringe is clearly labeled and pre-filled to GMP specifications.